Skills of a Certified Travel Agent

The job of travel agents usually entails far more than simply booking flights, cruises and hotel rooms, travel emergencies, detailed itineraries, excursions and tours. And, with the website’s proliferation that allow travelers to book their own trip, the expected growth of job for travel agents to year 2020 is just ten percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, however specializing in niche markets can still be able to give the chance for employment. Below, you will be able to learn some of the most important skills that make up skilled and experienced Dallas travel agents. 

Travel Agent


While there’s no any formal education required in order to become a certified travel agent, the fact is that you will be able to learn valuable skills as well as boost your own chances for employment with a reputable agency through attending some travel school programs. In addition to that, some agencies also prefer a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in addition to certain travel training. Foreign languages as well as hospitality are also good college major choices. It is also possible that travel agents can learn a lot on the job the moment they start as a ticket agent as well as work for a few years prior to applying as a travel agent. 


This provides extra proof to customers that travel agents can be able to handle all their travel needs well. In addition to that, it also needs a specific number of years working as a travel agent prior to taking an examination. Furthermore, the standard certifications of the industry are related to tourism and travel profession. Some states also need you to have a license for travel sellers in order to work as a certified travel agent, which is why it’s very important that you check the regulations of your state should you decide to become a travel agent someday. 

Marketing and Sales

It is quite hard to overstate the overall marketing and sales skills. You certainly can’t wait for your phone to ring in order to get customers. However, you must actively market all the services you offer even if you are working for a travel agency. This is because you will have your own customer base, which you will need in order for your business to grow through attracting clients, and you will also have to be efficient and creative in order to sell your services to your existing customers without sounding too pushy. Furthermore, keeping detailed notes on the preferences of your clients as well as past travels can also help a lot in suggesting new destinations and itineraries that they may not have considered.  

Technical Knowledge and Skills

Good technical skills, especially knowledge in computer is very important. You will be working with reservation and ticketing systems, as well as complex databases. This is the reason why maintaining and building a simply and user-friendly website for your business can help you a lot in marketing your services as well as your clients will also communicate with you at all times through email.  


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